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    • Digital health technologies
      With the fast progress of digital health technologies the collection, analysis of data, capacity building, monitoring and better, faster and cheaper treatment of diseases become available. Healthcare professionals but also citizens and patients need to be aware of the latest developments in order to have a more comprehensive and insight vision of the digital transformation of the health and care sector. Stakeholders are at least active users of these digital tools, if not even co-designers of them.
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    • Events
      Digital health-related physical or virtual events, workshops, conferences can be advertised to a wide group of stakeholders via the DHE platform.
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    • Funding opportunities and partner search
      2021 marks the launch of new funding opportunities under novel programmes to advance the research, development, deployment and scale-up of digital health and care solutions at European level such as Horizon Europe, the Digital Europe programme, EU4Health. This forum aims to generate a discussion around European collaborative funding programmes, facilitate partner search and common brainstorming about project ideas under specific calls for 2021.
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    • Health data
      Health data can be collected from different sources: medical data related to a clinical treatment, well-being data through mainly mHealth or other well-being devices. Data enhances communication between healthcare professionals and patients, contributes to better health outcomes and allows further research into diseases and conditions. This forum aims to bring together all stakeholders who are impacted by health data and health data collection, let it be public authorities designing policies, patients who are owners of their health data, companies that might develop mHealth apps to collect patients' data or softwares to analyse data, researchers who use the available data to advance clinical knowledge and treatments, legislators who establish the rules around data use...
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    • Implementation and scaling-up
      Digital health and care innovations are promising in terms of bringing quality improvements, greater efficacy and efficiency in healthcare delivery, making healthcare services more accessible and affordable. However, their implementation and up-scale hide many challenges as well. Exchange of good practices, expert discussions can help to map enablers and address these barriers with the appropriate means.
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    • Relevant documents
      Being aware of the policy background and the most recent scientific developments can significantly help the daily work of stakeholders. However, searching for these references is extremely time-consuming. This forum is the one-stop shop to find all relevant and interesting European-level scientific and policy documents related to digital health and care.
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