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Public consultation about the European Health Data Space

Facilitating better access to and exchange of health data is crucial to ensure increased accessibility, availability and affordability of healthcare, to stimulate innovation in health and care for better treatment and outcomes, and to foster innovative solutions that make use of digital technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI). The collection, access, use and re-use of health data in healthcare poses specific challenges, in particular in finding the right balance between measures facilitating data sharing while preserving individuals’ interests and rights, including with respect to the protection of their personal data. In order to ensure that all possible views are considered in the design of a legal framework for a European Health Data Space and to ensure transparency and accountability, the European Commission invites all interested individuals and stakeholders to share their views and experiences. Your contribution can help provide important insights, opinions and evidence to support the impact assessment accompanying the EHDS proposal on the problems to be tackled, the policy options to be considered and their likely impacts.

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