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      Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines. AI offers lots of opportunities and greatly helps managing and analysing health data, develop personalised treatments…

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      Challenges and limits of an open source approach to Artificial Intelligence

      Coupled with the numerous opportunities emerging from the use of artificial intelligence, open source comes with the potential for innovation capacity in both the public and private sector. Advantages include the ability to enhance transparency, facilitate the auditing of AI and thereby enhance citizen trust, while stimulating economic activities and domain-specific expertise. Disadvantages and limits include legal, technical, data, risk management, societal and ethical challenges. This analysis examines all main open source artificial intelligence pro and cons and proposes seven recommendations to boost its uptake.

      Do you agree with  the recommendations?

      Give your views about adopting an open-source software for the deployment of AI particularly in the public sector.

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      I agree with the recommendations that were published in the report. Considering that AI will become increasingly part of our future in healthcare provision, we should facilitate a comprehensive discussion about the implementation of the functionalities of AI. Open source is one of the methodologies to collect knowledge and experiences from various perspectives and disciplines, for example to create opportunities for strengthening the sharing of open source data and analytical tools across communities of research and practice.

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